Out of all the things Long Island has to offer, I swear there’s nothing more beautiful than the sunrises that take place at Montauk Point. I’ve been multiple times, and I find each to be even more breathtaking than the last. If you’re searching for the perfect start to your week, the sunrise at Montauk is definitely the way to go.

Montauk Point is located at the farthest end of the Island, and you can catch the sunrise right on the edge of the beach. I always suggest getting there about an hour or 30 minutes before the actual estimated sunrise time, that way you get to watch as the colors change along the horizon, and get some time to enjoy the quiet while the waves crash into the rocks.

Even if a sunrise is too early for you (and believe me, it’s early), there’s still plenty about Montauk that you can enjoy during the day. The lighthouse on Montauk Point is another sight to see, and the beaches out there are just as beautiful during the day if you’re looking to soak up some sun out east.

Montauk is definitely in my top three spots on the Island, if not number one, I highly suggest taking a trip out there if you’re looking for someone new to explore. I promise you won’t regret it. Below you can check out some of my best shots I got while spending time out there.