Cargill, a major company in the agricultural world and America’s largest private company, is currently getting heat from farmers. In order to continue being a strong company, they have started to label more products as “non-GMO”, and has allowed the Non-GMO Project to verify that these products going out are in fact, non-GMO.

By teaming up with this non-profit, Cargill is effecting the businesses of the farmers they receive their corn and soy from, and is causing major controversy. Though the non-profit stands on how there is no scientific proof GMOs are harmless, all of the companies that have tested GMOs claim no side-effects have come up that would make them any less healthier than natural vegetables.

Farmers, like Chris Allan, are calling this decision a “slap in the face”. By teaming up with a company that is clearly against the seeds farmers are using, their businesses and farms could be in major jeopardy.

Monsanto chimed in on twitter, questioning why Cargill would support something that is an “anti-science” group, and though he understands the want to support them, believes it isn’t the best choice.

Will this new endorsement end up hurting farmers in America? Time will only tell based on how deep Cargill decides to get with the Non-GMO Project.