In the article linked at the bottom, a Cornell professor is actually encouraging people to eat GMOs, rather than to be weary of them, going against the popular opinion.

According to the article, genetically modified crops are actually helping our planet, rather than hurting it. The crops are better for climate change, and are more durable. They’re also the better bet for struggling farmers, and apparently can be grown more effectively than regular crops.

GM crops are actually safer for us as well. There is lower use of pesticides on them, and the strains are a lot more durable. Biotechnology will actually help to enhance our food security in the future, so people should take this into more consideration before being so quick to shun genetic foods.

With the constant labeling of GMOs, it’s easy to find something that’s organic versus something genetically modified. However, let it be up to the person at hand to decide what it is they want to do for themselves.