Michael Faudet is a writer on the rise, and a lot of it can be atoned to his first poetry collection “Dirty Pretty Things”. The book’s collection of well-written poetry really captures the ideas of love and life, while making you want to continue reading more.

Faudet was originally in the advertising business, and was doing pretty well for himself. However, in 2013, he decided to quit the advertising business, and got into writing poetry. This first collection was officially released in 2014, and has been on the rise of popularity since.


A majority of his writing within the book was inspired by Lang Leav, another poet on the rise. In the dedication page, he writes, “For Lang, I write because you exist”. This is honestly my favorite line, and something I find so beautiful. He words really encapsulated my interest, and I loved every second of reading this book.

Recently, Faudet released his new collection called “Bitter Sweet Love”. Though I have yet to read it myself, I’m certainly looking forward to picking it up, and experiencing the same love I have for “Dirty Pretty Things” all over again.