In one of her works, Say What’s Real, Melissa Molomo manages to hit a lot of the daily problems many women face in their life as they start to make it in the real world. Topics like love, work, and family are all thoroughly touched upon and analyzed through the eyes of this writer. What I came to find was, so much of it is incredibly relatable.

All of us are struggling in some area of life, and sometimes, we need a little guidance. While reading Molomo’s book, I was able to find a lot of inspiration and advice to point me in the right direction. Here words were not only useful, but prompted a few wake up calls I know I certainly needed.

I’ve never been a huge fan of books on advice, because like the next person, I’m not a big fan of being told how i should be living my own life. Say What’s Real simply provoked my thought, rather than making me feel as if the author was ranting about how I should be making life choices.

To the struggling college female, this book was a savior. Some of her words I now try to live by, and they have helped me fix the problems I was facing in different aspects of my life. I definitely give Molomo five stars on this book, and highly recommend to any of you out there looking for a little advice to keep yourself living humble, wild, and free.