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Cargill Link to Anti-GMO Group Spurs Criticism From Farmers

Cargill, a major company in the agricultural world and America’s largest private company, is currently getting heat from farmers. In order to continue being a strong company, they have started to label more products as “non-GMO”, and has allowed the Non-GMO Project to verify that these products going out are in fact, non-GMO.

By teaming up with this non-profit, Cargill is effecting the businesses of the farmers they receive their corn and soy from, and is causing major controversy. Though the non-profit stands on how there is no scientific proof GMOs are harmless, all of the companies that have tested GMOs claim no side-effects have come up that would make them any less healthier than natural vegetables.

Farmers, like Chris Allan, are calling this decision a “slap in the face”. By teaming up with a company that is clearly against the seeds farmers are using, their businesses and farms could be in major jeopardy.

Monsanto chimed in on twitter, questioning why Cargill would support something that is an “anti-science” group, and though he understands the want to support them, believes it isn’t the best choice.

Will this new endorsement end up hurting farmers in America? Time will only tell based on how deep Cargill decides to get with the Non-GMO Project.


End of the World: Montauk

Out of all the things Long Island has to offer, I swear there’s nothing more beautiful than the sunrises that take place at Montauk Point. I’ve been multiple times, and I find each to be even more breathtaking than the last. If you’re searching for the perfect start to your week, the sunrise at Montauk is definitely the way to go.

Montauk Point is located at the farthest end of the Island, and you can catch the sunrise right on the edge of the beach. I always suggest getting there about an hour or 30 minutes before the actual estimated sunrise time, that way you get to watch as the colors change along the horizon, and get some time to enjoy the quiet while the waves crash into the rocks.

Even if a sunrise is too early for you (and believe me, it’s early), there’s still plenty about Montauk that you can enjoy during the day. The lighthouse on Montauk Point is another sight to see, and the beaches out there are just as beautiful during the day if you’re looking to soak up some sun out east.

Montauk is definitely in my top three spots on the Island, if not number one, I highly suggest taking a trip out there if you’re looking for someone new to explore. I promise you won’t regret it. Below you can check out some of my best shots I got while spending time out there.

The Magic at Southaven Park

Whether you’re looking to go on a picnic, in need of a new adventure, or searching for some great running trails, Southaven Park might just be the place.

Southaven Park is extremely well-rounded, with tons of things for you to do and different ways to spend a day. Not only are there tons of trails, but they offer canoe rentals, contain playgrounds, and rent out campsites if you’re feeling a little extra adventurous. They’re also pet friendly, so feel free to bring your canine pal along on whatever endeavor you’ve got in store for yourself.

This park is located on Victory Avenue in Shirley, NY. I’ve visited this park a thousand times for various reasons, and each time I’ve found a new reason to fall in love with it a little more. There’s so much to explore, and I’ve even gotten lost for hours just walking through the trails finding cool little spots to take some pictures at, or just sit down and enjoy. This park is definitley a place I highly recommend if you’re looking for some outdoor fun. Below are some pictures I’ve managed to grab of different spots throughout the park.

Happy adventuring!

Artist Spotlight: Michael Faudet

Michael Faudet is a writer on the rise, and a lot of it can be atoned to his first poetry collection “Dirty Pretty Things”. The book’s collection of well-written poetry really captures the ideas of love and life, while making you want to continue reading more.

Faudet was originally in the advertising business, and was doing pretty well for himself. However, in 2013, he decided to quit the advertising business, and got into writing poetry. This first collection was officially released in 2014, and has been on the rise of popularity since.


A majority of his writing within the book was inspired by Lang Leav, another poet on the rise. In the dedication page, he writes, “For Lang, I write because you exist”. This is honestly my favorite line, and something I find so beautiful. He words really encapsulated my interest, and I loved every second of reading this book.

Recently, Faudet released his new collection called “Bitter Sweet Love”. Though I have yet to read it myself, I’m certainly looking forward to picking it up, and experiencing the same love I have for “Dirty Pretty Things” all over again.

Cornell Professor Advocates for Higher Consumption of Genetically Modified Crop

In the article linked at the bottom, a Cornell professor is actually encouraging people to eat GMOs, rather than to be weary of them, going against the popular opinion.

According to the article, genetically modified crops are actually helping our planet, rather than hurting it. The crops are better for climate change, and are more durable. They’re also the better bet for struggling farmers, and apparently can be grown more effectively than regular crops.

GM crops are actually safer for us as well. There is lower use of pesticides on them, and the strains are a lot more durable. Biotechnology will actually help to enhance our food security in the future, so people should take this into more consideration before being so quick to shun genetic foods.

With the constant labeling of GMOs, it’s easy to find something that’s organic versus something genetically modified. However, let it be up to the person at hand to decide what it is they want to do for themselves.


Writer Spotlight: Melissa Molomo

In one of her works, Say What’s Real, Melissa Molomo manages to hit a lot of the daily problems many women face in their life as they start to make it in the real world. Topics like love, work, and family are all thoroughly touched upon and analyzed through the eyes of this writer. What I came to find was, so much of it is incredibly relatable.

All of us are struggling in some area of life, and sometimes, we need a little guidance. While reading Molomo’s book, I was able to find a lot of inspiration and advice to point me in the right direction. Here words were not only useful, but prompted a few wake up calls I know I certainly needed.

I’ve never been a huge fan of books on advice, because like the next person, I’m not a big fan of being told how i should be living my own life. Say What’s Real simply provoked my thought, rather than making me feel as if the author was ranting about how I should be making life choices. 

To the struggling college female, this book was a savior. Some of her words I now try to live by, and they have helped me fix the problems I was facing in different aspects of my life. I definitely give Molomo five stars on this book, and highly recommend to any of you out there looking for a little advice to keep yourself living humble, wild, and free. 

Smith’s Landing, Sunset City

Sunrises are probably one of the most beautiful reminders that not every end has to be ugly. Here on Long Island, there are tons of sunset spots where you can get that magical, picture worthy view.

Smith’s Landing is a small beach, located on Westminster Drive in Shirley, New York. Though small and residing next to the bay, it’s sunsets always seem to be breathtaking. This small spot is certainly my highest recommendation if you’re looking for a quiet place to end your day.

Below are some snapshots of some of my favorites sunsets I’ve gotten to watch here.

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